FREEDOM – what do you think of when you hear this word? More importantly, how does this word make you feel? – Daniel Müller

For me, this word is one of the most powerful and emotional ones I know. It expresses what we all strive for – or at least, what we used to strive for when we still believed in our dreams.

I was the eldest of my parents’ 7 children and we never had any money or “freedom”. And so, already at a young age, my desire grew to live life on my own terms and to be FREE – free from financial and health concerns. The big question was: HOW?

First, I tried building a career as an employee, only to realize that I wasn’t free at all – I was working for other people’s dreams and traded my time for money. Then I tried self-employment, only to realize again that I would never reach my dreams and my freedom with traditional business models.

But I knew at the same time that I would never be willing to sacrifice my dreams and give up – I just had to find a better, more meaningful solution. I didn’t want to end up like the 97% to whom one of my favourite quotes applies:

„Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”

What about you? Are you still burning for your dreams and goals? Are you still fighting for your freedom and that of your family? Or do you already belong to those people who are “alive”, but “dead” inside as far as their goals and dreams are concerned?

This is an important point, because we humans are not made to “vegetate” haphazardly and meaninglessly – but we can only develop our unique potential if we have a “purpose” in life, meaning … something that motivates and drives us … and these are our dreams and goals!

When I gratefully met Unicity, my life changed overnight. I saw the opportunity for financial and health freedom and freedom of time as a result on top. What could be more desirable?

Unicity gives us the perfect foundation for personal success:

The best products in one of the fastest growing markets, a stable partnering company for a secure future and a business model that allows us to build a passive income through simple referrals – and at the same time help others to improve their lives.

Unicity has a compelling and powerful vision and mission: to help 10,000 Diamonds achieve financial freedom and improve the lives of 100 million families!

I hit the ground running when I started and put all available time into building my business to produce presentable results and prove that Unicity can work for everyone.

With a clear vision and big goals, I became one of the first Double Diamonds and Chairmen’s Club members worldwide. Today I have a wonderful and growing team in many countries around the world and enjoy my financial and personal freedom with my family.

Do you want to be one of these 10,000 Diamonds? Surely YES!

Then be ready to pay the price of success. Commit to your success and goals, work hard and consistently, show discipline and an unbreakable belief (in Unicity, in the business model and most importantly in YOURSELF).

My Diamond tip for you:

Work harder on yourself than you do in your job. 

Because the harder you work on yourself, the more valuable you become for your business!

A few more thoughts on the “price you have to pay”: 

We should be aware that we always have to pay a price: either that of success or that everyone else pays, with an average and ordinary life. And who wants to look back at the end of their life and say: My life was absolutely …. ordinary?

Make a decision: For yourself – for your self-created and happy future!

Feel the power of a decision made – CHOOSE a better life and believe in your dreams again.

Finally, I would like to share my life motto with you – hoping that it may inspire you:

Your life is God’s gift to you – what you do with your life is your gift to God. 

Because you are not only responsible for what you do, but also for what you don’t do. 

Why not turn your life into a masterpiece – why not start today?

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