1. These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) set out the contractual relationship between Unicity Global Markets GmbH (“Unicity”) and each Unicity Franchise Partner (referred to in these terms as “Franchise Partner” or “You”) who is eligible for, and has registered to participate in, the events provided by Unicity to Franchise Partner (referred to in these terms as the “Events”).
  2. Additional terms and conditions may apply from time to time in relation to specific offers, products and services which are set out on the Unicity website or which will be provided by us to our Franchise Partners.
  3. For your own benefit and protection, it is important that You read these Terms before registering for or participating in the Unicity events. We intend to rely on these Terms and it is our intention that You will be legally bound by them. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms, please do not register for any Unicity event.
  4. By registering with Unicity to participate in the events, in accordance with the procedure set out below, you agree that you have read these Terms and agree to be bound by them.
  5. If You have any questions about these Terms or in connection with the events, please contact us.
  6. Unicity advises that You print a copy of these Terms so You can refer to them in the future.
  7. The Unicity event is run by Unicity Global Markets GmbH, a company registered in Switzerland and whose registered office is at Unicity Global Markets GmbH Baarerstrasse 135, CH-6300 Zug
  8. Unicity reserves the right, entirely at its sole and absolute discretion, and without any liability whatsoever or howsoever arising:
    • To cancel an event at any time and for whatever reason Unicity deems (at its sole discretion) appropriate; or
    • To amend or vary the Terms (including but not limited to the qualifying criteria and/ or a Franchise Partner’s entitlement to attend an event); or
    • To cancel or revoke your right to participate in an event

Eligibility & Qualification:

  1. Without prejudice to the entitlement vesting in Unicity under clause 8 above, to qualify for any Unicity event each Franchise Partner must:
    • be aged 18 years of age or over at the time of the Unicity event;
    • register to participate in the event (registration details to be provided to the Franchise Partner);
    • be a Franchise Partner (as such term is defined by the policies and procedures implemented from time to time by Unicity);
    • meet the minimum qualifying requirements published from time to time by Unicity, including but not limited to obtaining the minimum requirement to qualify (as published by Unicity) by the qualifying deadline (as published by Unicity from time to time); and
    • be in good standing with Unicity.
  1. Participation in any Unicity event is not available to companies, partnerships, unincorporated associations or similar entities.
  2. Participation in a Unicity event is offered at our discretion and we may (at our discretion) refuse participation to any applicant.
  1. Qualifications/Rewards do not have a cash value, cannot be sold, and cannot be exchanged or transferred to another Franchise Partner.
  2. A Franchise Partner who meets the qualifying criteria as set out in clause 9 may be entitled to bring an accompanying person. Such an accompanying person can be a spouse, life partner, relative of the Franchise Partner or Downline Franchise Partner. Please refer to the Recognition overview document for all details related to this matter.
  3. A Franchise Partner can only qualify for a Unicity event once, and is not entitled to transfer any qualifications or any excess Qualifying Points obtained from a separate Franchise Partnership whether or not owned by the Franchise Partner, to any other Franchise Partner or person.
  4. Unicity is not responsible for arranging or funding the cost of the entry documentation (including any VISA or other documentation) which a Franchise Partner may be required to obtain in order to enter the country in which the Unicity event is being held. It is the sole and absolute responsibility of the Franchise Partner to arrange such documentation and the Franchise Partner shall have no claim against Unicity for failure to benefit from the Unicity event as a result of not being entitled (for whatever reason) to enter the relevant country.


  1. Strictly subject to the Franchise Partner meeting the minimum qualifying criteria established in clause 9, the Franchise Partner may be entitled to additional benefits, which may include certain funds in respect of the cost of a flight ticket. Unicity may (at its sole discretion) reimburse the Franchise Partner for the cost of the flight to the relevant event. The amount and time of the reimbursement shall be determined absolutely by Unicity. Unicity shall not be obliged to refund or reimburse the Franchise Partner for the cost of a flight which Unicity deems to be excessive. The Franchise Partner shall be responsible for arranging its own flight tickets and shall not have any claim against Unicity in the event that the Franchise Partner is unable to attend event for whatever reason, including failure to obtain flight tickets.
  2. Unicity shall not be liable as a result of any loss (financial or otherwise) arising as a result of the flight being cancelled.
  3. Unicity will not reimburse any Franchise Partner for the cost of any flight ticket unless the Franchise Partner provides to Unicity copies of flight details and invoices and/or receipts in respect of the flight. If the Franchise Partner cancels the trip for whatever reason then Unicity shall be entitled to recoup from the Franchise Partner the cost of the reimbursement.

Event Benefits:

  1. The Unicity event benefits are as set out on information published from time to time by Unicity.
  2. Any additional costs not provided for in the Unicity event benefit criteria are the sole responsibility of the Franchise Partner.
  3. Unicity reserves the right to book a hotel of its choice. Hotel accommodation is provided on a strictly subject to availability basis and Unicity shall not be held liable in the event that there is insufficient hotel accommodation.
  4. Franchise Partners and (where appropriate) guests of the Franchise Partner must provide their own travel insurance for the duration of the Unicity event, and shall provide Unicity with a copy of such travel insurance if they are requested to do so.
  5. If an additional hotel room is required by the Franchise Partner, any such additional room must be funded by the Franchise Partner and is at all times subject to availability. If available, Unicity will use its reasonable endeavours (but shall be under no obligation) to procure a discount on the price of the room. The Franchise Partner bears the risk that the additional room will not benefit from a discount and may have to pay the full price required by the hotel.


  1. You are responsible for the cost of the following expenses incurred during a Unicity event:
    • All “free-time “or “optional” activities or tours, phone calls, laundry and any other hotel services or offers incurred by you;
    • The cost of transporting, accommodating or feeding family members;
    • Transportation to events not organized by, or approved by, Unicity; and
    • Any other costs which Unicity deems to be not associated with the event.

Transfer to/from the Hotel

  1. Every Franchise Partner has to organise their own transport from the airport to the hotel and back if they have not qualified for Unicity to organise it for them.
  2. Unicity will provide transport from the airport to the hotel for those who have qualified for transportation. (*insert link of event overview)

Hotel Accommodation

  1. Unless otherwise specified, Unicity will book the hotels for the duration of the event.
  2. Unicity will not be responsible for any room service costs, which must be paid for by the Franchise Partner. We reserve the right to seek reimbursement (including costs, charges and interest) for any room service costs paid on your behalf.
  3. Unicity will not be responsible for the arrangement or cost of any additional nights stayed at the event hotel. You are solely responsible for such costs and undertake to indemnify Unicity against any claims or losses accruing as a result of your personal arrangements with the hotel.

Excursions / Event Agenda

  1. The Franchise Partner must provide Unicity with notice, before the event, if it does not intend to participate in any excursions and/or events.
  2. In the event that a Franchise Partner cancels the trip after qualifying to attend the event, the Franchise Partner will be liable for the full costs and expenses incurred by Unicity.
  3. Franchise Partner (or their downline Franchise Partner and/or customers) who order products during the qualification period and subsequently return excessive amounts (as determined by Unicity in its sole and absolute discretion) shall not be entitled to at tend the event or, if such products are returned after the event, shall be liable to pay the full cost of the event. Unicity reserves the right to recover such costs in whatever manner it considers appropriate, including but not limited to the withholding commissions due to the Franchise Partner.


  1. If a Franchise Partner notifies Unicity that they will not be attending the Unicity event the Franchise Partner shall be responsible for all the costs and expenses incurred by Unicity in relation to their benefits in association with the event, subject to the following:
    • In the event that the Hotel is able to resell the room at an amount equal to or greater than the rate agreed, the amount will be refunded to the Franchise Partner.
    • Unicity reserves the right to charge all other costs in relation to the event (according to the agenda) to the Franchise Partner.
    • Unicity shall be entitled to deduct or offset the expenses incurred by Unicity from any sums due to Franchise Partner by way of commission.
    • A Franchise Partner who cancels the event due to extreme circumstances (as determined by Unicity in its absolute discretion, but to include and not be limited to serious illness) shall be entitled to transfer their event qualification to a subsequently held event. To benefit from this extension, the Franchise Partner must provide Unicity with a medical statement from the Franchise Partner’s doctor or another form of proven evidence of serious illness. Franchise Partner should note that any deferral is strictly subject to the Franchise Partner achieving the same rank in the period up to the next event.
  2. If the Franchise Partner cancels any activity which the Franchise Partner (or guest) has elected to participate in during the event, the Franchise Partner must pay the full expense of that activity.

Liability & Ownership:

  1. All rights of title to and property in event qualification, remains with Unicity at all times and never passes to the Franchise Partner.
  2. Risk (for example, theft or unauthorised or fraudulent redemption) associated with event qualification passes to the Franchise Partner as soon as Qualifications/Reward Points are recorded on the Distributor’s account, or otherwise awarded to the Franchise Partner. Unicity is not liable for unauthorised or fraudulent redemptions arising due to the actions of the Franchise Partner or the failure by the Franchise Partner to adhere to these Terms.
  3. By accepting to participate in a Unicity event, you herewith agree to release Unicity Global Markets GmbH, its parent company, affiliated and subsidiary companies, their officers, directors, and employees from liabilities of any nature, including personal injury, death and property damage arising from the acceptance of and participation in the Reward Trip. Your statutory rights are not affected.
  4. Unicity will not accept liability for damages of any nature sustained by any Franchise Partner, spouse or partners of Franchise Partner or accompanying persons, or loss of, or dam age to their personal property.


  1. You will be responsible for applicable federal, state and local taxes, fees and any additional charges associated with, or arising in connection with the event.


  1. Unicity makes no representations as to any income, use, excise or other tax liability of Franchise Partner as a result of their participation in the event. Such a tax liability may arise, for example, if a Franchise Partner obtains the Reward Trip a result of business expenditure. Franchise Partners are advised to check with their accountant or tax adviser for further information.
  2. The Franchise Partner is solely responsible for any tax liability incurred as a result of participation in a Unicity event.


  1. These Terms may not be varied by the Franchise Partner.
  2. Unicity reserves the right at any time and without notice to make any changes it deems appropriate to these Terms.
  3. The Franchise Partner shall have no right of set-off against Unicity whatsoever in relation to a Unicity event.
  4. These terms shall be governed by the law and jurisdiction of Switzerland.

Upgrades and Benefits during Unicity Events:

  1. The top performer of the reward trip will be upgraded to a suite for the dates of the Unicity event.
  2. All fully qualified Presidential Directors – Presidential Ruby must maintain any PCM rank three out of the six qualification months to be upgraded to the next category room from the standard room.
  3. All fully qualified Diamonds and above must maintain at Presidential Sapphire rank or above three out of the six qualification months to be upgraded two categories up from the standard room.